Angelique Swann Skincare Beauty Solutions Website

The Brief

Angelique Swann's website was for promoting her skincare and beauty solutions. Angelique wanted more of an impact online and needed a new website. She was finding building her website took her away from making money for her business. She was a one-woman show that had to be the moneymaker, accountant, customer service person, and the marketer.

Angelique also wanted to be more interactive online with her clients and wanted the website to take some load off her marketing efforts. She then could send people to the website if they need any questions asked, but if they needed to talk to her, they could.

Our Approach

We developed a more interactive website that had many calls to action buttons and images that linked to the services she provided. We added the blog to let Angelique get more personal with her clientele and show that she has authority in the skincare business.

The Results

At this time we are still measuring the results.

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