The gallery below shows some e-books that I offer in the free resource section of my website. The pre-built funnels I purchased from Funnel Pack allowed me to white label them. Another reason for the pre-built funnels was that it allowed me to see how to create and structure them. 

After reading the funnel pages and the e-book content, I realize they needed editing. I’m not a strong writer, but I started the long task of editing the content using my tools. The e-book covers that came with the package needed a redesign. I wanted to show my design skills and play around with different typefaces. Then after redesigning the covers, I wanted to extend the design into the insides of the e-book.

I wanted each e-book to be different, but also the designs could relate to each other. I placed the e-book titles in the same area on all the covers. Then I used different colors, background images, and shapes that framed the title text. If you like to check out the free resource guide, click the link below. If you’re looking for something similar, contact us.

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