Vinson Process Control SLicky Note Pads close up

Waylan Designs dabbled in the promotional product industry. One of our largest clients was the Vinson Process Control Company. I knew the purchaser of the company, and she helped get my foot in the door.

She wanted something different for sales reps to send or pass out to current and potential clients. After researching suppliers, I came across Slinky notepads. The notepads are useful but also fun to play with like a real Slinky. We could have just laid out the logo on a white Slinky notebook, but we both wanted to be different and add a little "pop" to the design.

It was a fun little project to work on, but it did have challenges. As is always the case with something new, it took a bit of time to figure out how everything laid out. I had to make sure everything was correct before sending it to my promotional product supplier.

One of the main challenges was that the printer was in another state. Unfortunately, the first batch was incorrect, and luckily, it was not my fault. Talk about excellent customer service; they offered to reprint the whole bunch at no cost to my client or me. Also, my client was very understanding about the delay in their order.

Following are other promotional products we developed for Vinson Process Control:

Vinson Process Control Ballpoint Pen

Standard ballpoint ink pens to pass out to company employees and hand out to clients.

Vinson Process Control Mar Dual Pen Stylus

The Mar Dual Pen Stylus was compatible with the iPad, iPhone, iTouch, and all other touchscreen devices.

Vinson Process Control Black folders with foil stamp

The black folders were for the marketing and sales team to send out information to new clients. It was more professional than just placing everything in an envelope. The logo and the white address were added using a foil stamp process.

Vinson Process Control White Event Cap

Waylan Designs developed about 250 standard white embroidery caps for an annual Vinson Process Control event.

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