Guardian Eagle and Soldiers Guardian T-shirts

Guardian Eagles T-shirts

This image came to me when I found out my brother was heading to Iraq with his Army unit. The image was originally just going to be put on a dog tag; that way, he could just put it on a chain or stick it in a pocket.

The head of his unit saw the image and wanted the image put on a T-shirt to hand out to everyone in the unit. At that time, his unit was called the Guardian Eagles and renamed the title to the unit's name.

The Army unit was a small group of soldiers and they did not need that many shirts. To get the T-shirts printed we decided to go with direct to garment printing (DTG) mainly because of the full-color image. If we went the screen printing way it would be costly to a point not worth the time to put the shirts in production. Plus, this image was not made for the screen printing process.

Soldiers Guardian T-shirts


The soldiers' Guardian T-shirt was a way that families and friends could support their soldiers in all branches of the military. We were going to set up a percentage that we would donate to organizations that support our men and women in the armed forces. Unfortunately, it did not take off like I thought it would, and one of the factors was that the economy crashed.

Soldier Guardian Your Soldiers Dog Tag

The Soldiers Guardian and Guardian Eagles Dog Tags

These dog tags were the original idea for the Soldiers Guardian and Guardian Eagles. We even were going as far as customizing them with the soldier's name or what title they had in the family.

The printing process we were going to uses on the dog tags was dye sublimation. The dye-sublimation printing process uses heat to transfer dye onto materials such as plastic, card, paper, or fabric. Also, ceramic and aluminum with a special polyester coating to take the ink.

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