Michael Lungren’s Website Design

The Brief

Michael Lungren came to me wanting to develop a portfolio-type website. That he could use internally at HKS Inc. and show outside clients a variety of his architectural watercolor illustrations. Michael also wanted to show his process of how to start and finish a rendering. He wanted to promote his services to other architectural and interior design firms.

Also, this was the first step to developing his training videos that will show colleagues and architectural firms how to illustrate and design with a pencil instead of a computer. The primary mission was to connect the brain to the hands by a pencil instead of a mouse.

Our Approach

Michael Lungren’s brain would be going in a hundred different directions, and we needed to sit down to get him focused on a direction. We came up with a clean and straightforward design.

The fun part was going through his watercolor illustrations; he had almost 1000 images we went through to find out which ones he wanted to put on the website. We had to break them up into categories or departments that HKS Inc., had in their architectural firm. Michael Lungren was the only one that knew which illustration belongs to each department.

The Results

After the website launched, it became an excellent resource for HKS Architects to use for their proposals and client meetings. The online portfolio also let Michael Lungren share his watercolor illustrations with other firms.

The next big step is to develop his training courses, and this will be a lot more involved because videos and learning materials will need development.

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