SWBP, a Dallas Texas print shop, needed to generate a new income stream. I developed the signage library to create packages of signage to sell online or by the sales team. The 2020 COVID 19 pandemic started this creative design process. Pretty much every print shop jumped on board to produce these types of signs. 

I spent about two weeks creating the signage in the catalog. Then another week or so laying out the catalog for print or a digital PDF. The black and white signs allowed customers to focus on sign design, not anything else. The catalog shows standard sizes and a set of colors, but the customer can use their brand colors.

I had to figure out a way to make it easier for the sales team and visitors to the website to let us know which ones they want. After researching other companies selling products, I went with the item number process. Each signage file has a name, but it also has the item number in the file name. The item number is also placed in the catalog and is viewable on the website signage thumbnails. Then the salesperson or online customer can look at the catalog or thumbnail to get the item number. All they need to do is place the item number in the email or tell us over the phone.

Some Pages from the Signage Library

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