SWBP New Website

The Brief

The SWBP is the third generation of the website. The second version was to bring them into the modern age of online marketing. We had to redesign the website anyway because they brought on a cutting system and two flatbed printers that can print on any substrate.

SWBP was looking at some alternative ways to market their services. In the past, they didn't need to do a lot of heavy marketing because they had a lot of returning clients. Also, reliable word-of-mouth advertising going on. It changed when the economy crashed, and all printing companies became very competitive. They were also competing with larger printing companies that had deeper pockets for marketing budgets.

Our Approach

Waylan Designs built a website that was more robust with images, color, and more content on the pages to help with SEO.

We also added case studies to the website to start the content marketing strategy, and visitors could also download a PDF of the case study. The case studies also were used in MailChimp as email campaigns that would be sent out each month.

The next plan is to build a blog to develop more leads and show that SWBP does have authority in the printing industry, especially they been around over 80 years.

The Result

We are still tracking the website results and the reports coming in every Monday to see how they’re doing. Currently, the numbers are good, but the goal is to get them very good.

The first email campaign that we sent out to SWBP's existing customers had a reasonable open rate and wanted to increase that on the second email campaign.

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