Whats New at SWBP

This 4'x7' kiosk display was created for SWBP to announce their new services at the HKS architectural in-house print shop. The displays were printed on a white surface, Sintra, which is a PVC material.

The display side, titled Any Substrate, contains several small images illustrating the different printed substrates that SWBP can print on. Then, we use small hooks to hang the samples. We wanted HKS's designers to be able to pull the samples off and take a closer look at them.

SWBP used its new OCE Arizona 365 GT UV flatbed printer to print the large kiosk panels and each small sample. After everything was printed they were cut to shape on SWBP’s new Colex Sharpcut Flatbed Cutting System.

SWBP What’s New kiosks
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