The Landmark Collection Store By Tauma Wiggings

The Brief

We developed the landmark collections website for Tauma Wiggins to sell her watercolor illustrations on different types of products. The products would be sold online and at art festivals that she attended.

We sat down with Tauma to discuss a direction for her e-commerce website. We also included showing her different products that her illustrations would look great on.

The Approach

Waylan Designs became her production manager to make sure all aspects of the website and products were of high quality.

We also took a percentage of all sales, and we produce most of her products in-house. Waylan Designs is currently looking at outsourcing the product line production to free us up for other business ventures, like working with other artists to develop their brands.

The Results

Tauma Wiggins has become better known for her landmark collections, mainly because it is landmarks of the local area of Dallas, Texas.

With her big push on social media, especially on Instagram, the word is getting out, and we have generated sales on the website. The branding and website are still a work in progress.


Tauma has decided to close The Landmark Collections website to focus on her commission work and write on her blog at Tauma Wiggins Art. She might start offering classes to teach others how to watercolor.

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