Southwestern Blueprint Old Logo

The Beginning

SWBP had this logo for several years before I started working with them. It was a simple design, and to be honest, I did not think it illustrated what SWBP did. We were talking about a company that had been in the reprographics industry for over 80 years. Their full name is Southwestern Blueprint, and you can guess what their main business was. In case you cannot, they are in the architectural construction document reprographic business. SWBP works with nearly all architectural firms and landscape architects in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Southwestern Blueprint New Logo

The Rebranding

Southwestern Blueprint wanted to rebrand its image, and this started with a logo. The vice president of Southwestern Blueprint wanted to keep a little bit of the old logo in the new design. He wanted clients to recognize that the new logo belonged to the same, 80-year-old reprographic company. After developing several designs, they picked this one for their rebranding efforts.

The next project in their rebranding effort was to redo their out-of-date website. SWBP barely used it as a marketing tool. The main reason was that SWBP had a strong word-of-mouth campaign and a returning customer base. After the reprographics industry started to slow down, SWBP needed to start rethinking how to do business and market themselves.


Shortening the Company Name

After website version 2.0 launched, Southwestern Blueprint purchased new equipment, such as flatbed printers and cutting systems. They started to look at their company name, Southwestern Blueprint, and bounce around ideas for shortening it. They came up with SWBP, and that was the domain name as well, The reason for the name change was that Southwestern Blueprint wanted to go after different types of industries and needed a name to reflect their new direction.

After purchasing the new equipment and implementing the name change, the company needed their website redesigned. The new website, version 3.0, was launched with a lot more interaction and content to help with SEO.

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